genHKids Trivia Event!

Join us on September 21. Mercury Trivia will be at the James T. Dove Center at the Prairie Heart Institute for the 2nd genHKids trivia night. Learn more at or email

We're Live on the 22nd of August!

Join us this Thursday Night for Trivia.

Benderz Next Trivia Night is, Monday August 26th!

Come Join Us Auburn!

Hints for Benderz -August 26th

Give Us Your Opinion

We’ve been getting request for theme nights and we thought we would leave it up to the folks that play to decide. If you could take the survey below and let us know what you think, we’d appreciate it. If we do them, they would replace our “Pop Culture” nights at the end of each month.

Our theme nights occur on the last Thursday night of the month at The Creek! Instead of doing a night of just one thing, we pick a broader subject so more people can join in.