While this Coronapocalypse is going down we’ll be doing Online Trivia every Thursday Night.


Here’s how it works.


Every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. you’ll need to send your Team Name/I.D. to mercurytrivia@comcast.net. You’ll have 15 minutes to check-in. After 7:15 you’ll have to wait until next week to play.


Once we start, navigate to the Questions page and start the videos for each category. You’ll have 45 minutes and be allowed to answer at your own pace. Send your answers in as you finish them. Make sure you get all your answers in before the 45 minutes.


Hopefully it will help fulfill any Trivia withdrawals you’re having. It’s FREE to play. There won’t be any prizes and we’ll be working on the honor system so do us a favor and don’t look up the answers online.


Good luck!


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